At our core, we are innovators who want to make your wellness accessible and transparent without needing to rely on anyone besides yourself! Remember your HEALTH is your WEALTH!

About 1

Who Are We?

We are entrepreneurs who want to help you track and understand your wellness without needing to purchase expensive wearables that get outdated every year! We took it upon ourselves to utilize AI to ensure everyone with a smartphone can have access to their vitals on demand! Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Our team set a goal to help people become healthier physically and mentally hence why we decided to create WellTra.AI the world’s first AI, contactless vital sign reader. Our algorithm runs locally on your device without the need for us to see any of your info or recordings.


Why Choose Us?

We have big plans for our platform! We aim to build more solutions into our app which you will get with the newest software update! We also aim to build a community to support each other and discuss everything surrounding health and wellness. We will also send a weekly engaging newsletter surrounding health and wellness tips and tricks to ensure you are enjoying the journey and potentially learning something new!


Visionary Team

Our team consists of founders who have a wealth of experience in the medical industry! We also have founders from various backgrounds of engineering, medical doctors and business strategists. Our goal as a team is to put our customer’s health and wellness on the best track to live longer, lower stress and stay healthy.